Untangle. Rings and Lines

Untangle. Rings and Lines


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"Untangle. Rings and Lines" is an exciting puzzle game.


Move the rings to make threads not crossed.


These objects can not be overlapped.


Some rings are fixed - they can not be moved.


Discs can be moved only in their orbits.


Unravel a ball of threads!


Solve with minimum number of moves.


"Solution" button is available without restriction for all tasks.


"Untangle Rings and Lines" is a classic puzzle game which will help you to enjoy time.


All the tasks are divided into 5 groups according to the number of nodes (6-7, 8-9, 10-14, 15-19, 20-30).

There are 5 categories of complexity in each group.

Each category has 400 levels.


There are total (5x5x400) = 10000 tasks.



untangle, cross, uncross, lines, unravel, disentangle, untwine, deciphe, unroll, unlock, ring, roll, unblock, ball, labyrinth, maze, slide