Roll the wheel!

Roll the wheel!


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Roll the wheel!

"Roll the wheel!" - the most addictive game EVER, "Roll the wheel!" will mess with your head and have you clicking that replay button for hours on end.
Once you try this fantastic arcade style game you will be hooked forever!
In "Roll the wheel!" you will guide your bouncing ball to a safe landing avoiding the spikes and collecting rewards.
Harking back to some of the very first classic arcade games, you are required to rotate your wheel to the right and left while watching your score climbing in this addictive,
fast paced arcade style game.

How to play:
 - Turn the circle by holding the left and right of the screen.
 - Keep the ball in the wheel.
 - Avoid  spines.
 - Get the stars to score points  and extra lives.
 - Make the best score.

• Tap left or right to rotate the wheel 360 degrees
• Collect stars to gain points and extra lives
• Test your reaction time and reflexes
• Simple, intuitive functionality
• Colorful interactive design
• Playing is simple.

"Roll the wheel!" tests your accuracy, reflexes and reaction time.

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