Color Hue Puzzle

Color Hue Puzzle


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Color Hue Puzzle is a puzzle based on a palette of hues. 


You need to distribute harmoniously the multicolored cells to the places where they should be. 

After the start of the level, you will be shown the comleted picture, and then the part of the cells will be stirred. 

Elements marked with crosses are always immovable. They are used as a guide. 

Move the mixed cells to form the original picture. 


It seems that it is not so difficult. The first levels are very easy to pass, but when the number of mixed elements grows, the game becomes more interesting.  

A relaxing musical composition allows you to relax playing.  

Color Hue Puzzle develops the ability to distinguish color hues.  

The game contains thousands of levels in 4 different categories. 


The number of free hints is unlimited. 

Besides, you can always look at the complete solution.




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