Lines Puzzle. Change color.

Lines Puzzle. Change color.


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Lines Puzzle - is the original game where cells can be dark or light.

You only need to conduct your finger over cells. Every passed cell changes colour.

It sounds easy, isn't it? But you can't pass one line segment twice.

There are no time limit, you can repeat your moves so many times, as it needs.

Lines Puzzle is exciting puzzle game which won't leave you indifferent.


The rules are simple:


1) There are cells with two colors: light and dark.

2) Draw a single line.

Each cell you pass over changes colour.

3) Change the colour of all the cells to the light!

4) Try to do it with a minimum number of moves.


There are 5 categories of difficulty.

Each categorie has 200 levels.

There are total (5x200) = 1000 tasks.

The "Solution"-button is available for all tasks(puzzles) with no limit.

Save/Load game state.



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