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Bit Puzzle


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Bit Puzzle

Bit puzzle - is the original game where bubbles have two bits states: light and dark.
You can switch the state of the bubble by touching it. But the state is changing not only in this bubble, but also for those with whom it is connected.
Bit puzzle - is an exciting puzzle game that will not leave you indifferent.

The rules are simple:

1) There are bubbles in two colors: light and dark.
2) Tap on the bubble to change its color to the opposite.
The color will also change the neighboring bubbles, with which he was connected.
3) Change the color of all the bubbles to the light!
4) Try to do it in a minimum number of moves.

There are 5 categories of difficulty.
Each categorie has 200 levels.
There are total (5x200) = 1000 tasks.

The "Solution"-button is available for all tasks(puzzles). No limit.

The game has an undo move button.
Save/Load game state.


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